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Fate and Destiny
... are something you can't change
[One Shot][No One Jae! No One But ME!] 
1st-Apr-2008 08:06 pm
Author : underknight

Title : No One Jae ! No One But Me !!!

Rating : PG-15

Disclaimer : Yeah! I own Jaeho and they are making steam hot sex in my bed! , Haahhh, that will never happen dude! Get real~

Genre : Romance, Crack

Length : One Shot

Summary : Jaejoong bought a new perfume for the next TVXQ feat Se7en MV. Hahh… To think that everything’s back to the little bottle, isn’t it troublesome?

Author note : Hahaha, Actually, I was kinda trying to do some real lemon, but guess what? *What?* I couldn’t do it without the crack XD

Special note : Huwahhh… I am sorry if this is completely different from your mind :___; My fingers undo me…..

[He Is Mine!]
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